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Koutsovitis Panagiotis
Graduated Surveyor Engineer
Topographic Technical Offices - Arbitrary Settlements - Energy Certificates - Building Permits - Cadastral Impressions

The Technical Office was founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Koutsovitis Kon. Panagioti, Graduated Surveyor Engineer TE. and to date is actively involved in conducting and compiling Topographic Impressions - Studies.

In particular, the object of the Office are:

   Topographic Studies
   Topographic Surveys of Plots - Farms
   Cadastral Impressions
   Topographic Support for Transportation Projects
   Engravings of Technical Works and Constructions
   Cities Plan Applications & Implementation Acts
   Applications of Building - Road Plans and Lines of Aegialos & Beach
   Photointerpretation studies
   Architectural Impressions of Buildings
   Architectural Studies
   Issuance of Building Permits
   Forestry Characterization Acts
   Cadastral Declarations & Objections
   Processing of Files in Urban Planning - Archeology - Forestry Office - Land Registry


For this purpose, the Office has been staffed and collaborates with experienced and well-trained engineers of all specialties, who responsibly carry out all the above mentioned Studies, but has also invested in high-tech office and field equipment for the immediate and accurate performance of data.